Sharing My “WOWsome” Experience of Personal Concierge Service

Last week, I was lucky enough to work with a professional, who was simply awesome. He was really good at what he does and took immense pride. His work ethics stood out. While I've shared my amazing experience with my friends and colleagues, I've decided to share that story more broadly with all of you as well.

Whether it's in our homes, our workplace, at a grocery store, or elsewhere, we all have at least one amazing experience when we're simply blown away by the customer service. And most of us love to share that experience with others. Maybe you've your own point of view, but I guess it's the “pride” that enforces us to share our stories.

Here's my story…

Last week I was in a fix when I found one of my bathroom showers broken. Seems normal? Well, the bathroom was literally turned into a pool and I had other tasks to complete. I was actually super busy getting things in their places for a party. Of course, I could have got it fixed by calling a plumber, howev…

Awesome Help Desk Service of Our Community

I shifted to this amazing community located in Arizona, US, last week. Why so amazing? What have I discovered in just a week? Well, what separates this community from the rest is their unique help desk service. What? You haven't heard of such service? (See, that's why I call this community 'amazing'). Curious to know what's this help desk service all about? Or, how this service helped me?

I'm a single parent, living with my daughter and working full time from 9 am to 5 pm. Being a single person it was quite difficult for me to shift from one city to another with new faces everywhere. However, I was lucky enough to have such a great help desk service in the community.
Seeing me manage everything all alone, the professionals at the help desk came to me and asked if I need some help. I told them everything about my needs. Since that service was free to me (after all, I was now the resident of their community), they suggested me to initiate some requests. They simply…

Premiere Concierge and Its Corporate Concierge Service: Know My Story

I work as a marketing manager in a company and believe me, I'm quite satisfied with my job. (Wondering, my company must be very good and I must be earning well out here?) Yes! You're right. My boss is very happy with my work and I'm also making good money. But this is not what I'm going to tell you. I'm going to share how I tasted success and that's all because of Premiere Concierge. I'm very grateful to this company and you'll soon find out – why?

Let me take you back in time…

When I joined my present company, I was assigned a project of launching a clothing business. (Basically, I was managing its promotion and advertisement work.) Though I met with the business owner and understood all her requirements, I needed someone to lend a pair of helping hands, so that I could meet the deadline. (Actually, the time was limited and there was more to achieve).

Luckily, my company was being serviced by Premiere Concierge and I thought why not call them and ask for…

How Concierge Service Helped Me Plan My Vacation?

When I was planning my honeymoon, I didn't go online and start browsing travel websites. Instead, I phoned Premiere Concierge, a concierge service company that offers the first-rate concierge services. Actually, I heard a lot about this company and it's one of those services that are available to the residential area I live in. So, I just thought to contact them.

Amazingly, I got their revert with some hotel options, for all-inclusive resorts in Arizona on the same day. I, with my wife, started sorting out the hotels and finally, we chose the best one. Interestingly, they issued the airline tickets too at highly competitive prices. To be very honest, everything was coming up to our expectations and we both were very happy. After all, I wouldn't have to take out time to research and plan.
This was the first time, when I hired someone, actually a 'concierge' to plan my vacation. Believe me, I had no idea about such concierge service that could actually make any diff…

Concierge Service: Do You Need It?

In this competitive era, it seems that a day of 24 hours isn't simply enough to do what we want. And being into the corporate world, you'd agree to this. After all, it has become your routine to juggle between your home and work life, which is indeed both challenging and stressful. While people call it multitasking, it often results in one part being neglected and the other barely surviving. This is where, concierge service comes into the picture to help you live a better life.

Just imagine you'll be able to do your favorite activities, leaving undesirable hunting around for the best deals, grocery shopping, baby sitter, and pet sitter to your hired pair of hands. Simply assign your 'to-do' list to your concierge and live your life the way you always wanted to live – without any worry or stress. Since the only aim of every concierge is to please his client, what you can expect to have is a peace of mind.
You may find the concierge industry a new one, but it's gro…

Personal Concierge Business – Become Your Own Boss

If you are looking for an exciting high-paying career that makes full use of your creativity, then you should read this blog. Becoming a concierge to someone can be good career option for you if you are good at helping others. In our busy society more and more number of people need help to get away with their errands and concierge services are helping them greatly.

This is the reason that people want to become a concierge to others. They will have a job, which is interesting and rewarding and make them feel special by hearing words from clients like “you saved the day” again and again. Running a personal concierge business gives people the freedom to become their own boss.

You have two options, one is to work hands-on, where you will be doing people's jobs yourself and other one is to manage service providers where other people will serve as concierges for others under your concierge business. A personal concierge performs a variety of jobs and some of them are listed below: Child Ca…

The Jobs You Can Outsource to a Personal Concierge

We are living in an age where individuals don't have much time and they are not ready to wait as they are used to instantaneous results. Technology has a great role in changing our lives to a great extent. A few years ago most of the people avoided the concept of buying clothes online, but if you talk about present time where online retailers have become fastest growing eCommerce businesses.
Outsourcing your life is trending and concierge services help in this greatly. These services are helping busy individuals in maintaining a balance between their personal and professional lives. Below listed are some tasks that you can outsource to a concierge: Email and Calendar Monitoring – A personal concierge can closely monitor your calendar and inbox and fix all your meetings. You no longer need to go back and forth to set up appointments. Also, once a meeting is fixed, it will directly sync to your mobile device. The concierge would scan your calendar to point out conflicts and resolve …